Sunday, April 22, 2007

All is well

Every once in a while I have a fleeting sensation of well-being, that everything is right in my world. Today was one of those days. It was my turn to teach the lesson in our Young Women meeting at church. Since I only get to teach once every couple of months I have been looking forward to it, studying and mentally planning my lesson for quite a while. Last night before going to bed, I typed up my outline, printed up handouts, packed all my lesson materials in a bag, and even took a few extra minutes to iron a small lacy tablecloth. I also ironed church clothes for me, Jim, and Jimmy. This morning I slept in for a bit, then got up and got ready. Before we left for church, I had time to go out in the back yard and cut some fresh tulips for a centerpiece. We got to church on time, and I felt calm and relaxed, able to enjoy the meetings. Even when Jimmy got a little rowdy, I felt calm with him and he quieted down. Then I had time to prepare the classroom before the other leaders and the young women arrived. My lesson went smoothly and when it was over, I had a great sense of accomplishment of having successfully conveyed an important message to the girls.

I've been savoring the peaceful feeling since I got home from church and reflecting on it. I really love my responsibility at church, to lead, teach and mentor the young women. It's very satisfying to be able to utilize my talents in a way that's so deeply meaningful, to feel like I'm doing with my life what God wants me to do. At the same time, today I realized that sometimes the difference in just doing it and enjoying it as I do it is being prepared. When I'm unprepared, I often feel rushed, flustered and disorganized (both in life and in my church responsibilities). Having a day like this gives me something to strive for: to be, as much as possible, prepared from day to day so that I can have that calm feeling of "all is right" a little more often!

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Aubrey said...

what nice thoughts. i'm glad you had that kind of day. we all need those to remind us of the small glimpes of peace we can attain to. i'm sure the young women love you in your ward. and with a centerpiece, lace tablecloth and handouts? you ARE all together!