Friday, April 13, 2007

The family Wyeth

Since I mentioned him in my last post, I'm returning now to the subject of Andrew Wyeth, part of the second generation in a dynasty of great American artists, and one of my personal favorites. His father, N.C. Wyeth, was a gifted artist in his own right, and illustrated many children's books. Among several siblings who are also painters, Andrew Wyeth is famous for his contribution to American contemporary realism. While his sensual portraits of his neighbor Helga Testorf are perhaps his most controversial works, he is best known for painting Christina's World (below), which I have hanging in my office/sewing room.

I also greatly admire the works of Andrew Wyeth's son, Jamie. One of my favorite memories is visiting the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine, with my grandmother during the summer after my senior year in high school. The Farnsworth houses the Wyeth Center, a substantial collection of the Wyeth family's art. My grandmother purchased a print of Jamie's painting Island Roses (below), which I inherited when she passed away. It now hangs in my dining room.


Aubrey said...

beautiful, beautiful paintings. thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

I'm glad you like them.

My great-aunt lived in Cushing, Maine, the same town as Andy Wyeth and she knew him. I once saw a documentary about Andrew Wyeth, and the filmmakers interviewed her. She talked about Christina Olson, the lady in the painting. Maybe it's the family connection, but I always feel like his paintings are of places and people I know. I guess that connectedness makes sense, because a lot of my family on my mom's side is from Maine and other parts of New England.

Aubrey said...

that is amazing that your great-aunt actually knew him. that would definitely make the paintings seem more personal to you.