Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good news

I got an email late last night from Robin at Boston Literary Magazine: "I loved 'Día de los Angelitos' and would love to have it for our spring issue - wonderful writing!"

I've rewritten "Día de los Angelitos" since I posted it back in November by revising it and combining it with another poem I wrote at the same time, on the same subject. I'll post the link to the new poem when the spring issue of BLM goes up on March 15.

One last thing to add: if you are in the market to publish your poetry or short works of prose, I highly suggest you check out BLM's submission guidelines. They're wonderful to work with, and very speedy at getting back to you about your submission; I emailed my poems yesterday morning and heard back in 12 hours. I think that's a new land speed record for the editor of a literary journal!


Super Happy Girl said...

That's great news, congrats :)

Kristin said...

That's awesome! You rock!