Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby got back

Yesterday morning when I was in the shower, Audrey knocked on the bathroom door. Since we are in the final stages of potty training her and I had no desire to interrupt her accident-free streak, I told her to come in and do her business--only please don't flush until I'm out of the shower!

I hurriedly rinsed off (better safe than sorry) and as I reached for my towel, I saw Audrey perched on the toilet, carefully gripping the seat. Her eyes widened ever so slightly and a slow grin spread across her face.

"Mom, you have a big bottom," she observed. Then, after a pause, "Girls have little bottoms, so they have to hold on. Ladies have big bottoms, so they don't fall in the toilet."

Just in case I had forgotten, I have no pride left.

At least the source of my deficit of vanity also assures I will be free from the humiliation of falling in.


SpumoniMoni said...

That is about as funny as Aidan telling me that my bottom jiggles and that hers doesn't... later she proceeded to tell some of the boys in her class as I walked away from the playground, "Look, my mommy's butt jiggles!"

chicklegirl said...

See what I mean?--NO PRIDE. What I want to know is, who elected our Little Miss A. Parkers the resident butt police?

Dyann said...

My niece invited my mother up to play on the big toy with her if her big butt would fit through the tube.


chicklegirl said...

Dyann, what a bummer for your mom. Get it? ;)