Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Día de los angelitos

I've mentioned in several previous posts that I have a thing for Día de los Muertos. Yesterday, the day after my baby would have been due, it was comforting to remember that November 1st is Día de los Angelitos, a day to honor children and infants who have died.

Día de los Angelitos

would have been the first day
for me to wrap you in a soft blanket
nuzzle you to my breast
stroke the down
in the warm hollow
at the nape of your neck.

I pray if I cannot hold you
you are cradled instead
in the arms of heaven.


Sarah Muchnick said...

Lovely poem. You continue the work of grief in your own unique way. We will always remember him as part of our family.

aubrey said...

very tender. i'm sorry for your loss. xo

Super Happy Girl said...