Monday, January 03, 2011

New design

Time for a change-up in keeping with my philosophy for the coming year: keep it clean, simple and fun.

Happy New Year!


Dyann said...

love it.

am particularly glad that you are made of "All Natural Ingredients."


Super Happy Girl said...

This is waaaay cool! Love it.

On a related note I don't like mine at all :P

Kristin said...

OK now I am craving chiclets where can I find some in Seattle? That is a super awesome banner.

chicklegirl said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies.

@Dyann--yes, all natural. Oh, wait--I do color my hair. But I ain't changin' the banner now!

@SHG--maybe you are due for a change? I mean, I love flatulent unicorns and all, but... ;)

@Kristin--I wish I knew where to get Chiclets over there... hmm... there's a candy store in Pike Place that might carry them, if not your local grocery store?