Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tightwad tuesday: thrift takes time

A few years ago I attended a workshop on being thrifty taught by my friend Betsy Ann. It was so good I asked for a copy of her lecture notes, which she graciously shared. I'm passing on a few of her words of wisdom that really resonated with me.

Thrift is not something we can quantify; it is an objective idea. One woman’s thrift can very well be another’s extravagance.

Thrift operates on a continuum because our circumstances change and we change with them. At one end is buying everything in sight at the highest price, having everything—and at the other end, spending almost nothing and having nothing.

Thrift carries with it an expenditure of time. If [it takes] time you just don’t have, don’t do [it]. But there are some things that don’t take much time, and so you may be able to change your habits and live in a thriftier manner without compromising what is important to you.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh thanks for the notes and tips. Tell you friend thanks too :)

aubrey said...

so smart..i think i remember attending this as well. i love betsy ann! did you know she's the primary pianist these days?

paisley said...

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