Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Better late than never

First, let me apologize for being two days late with my little video of the kids for the grandmas who live far away.

Now, for the lame excuses: I tried to record a video to post yesterday, but found after the kids went to bed and I had time to sit down and work my video editing magic, our cute little video clip didn't get recorded. Jim asked me a few questions about what I had done and then explained it didn't work because I hadn't pushed the record button. Just when I thought I was so techno-savvy.

This morning I tried again. As you'll see, I still have a lot to learn about our camcorder. A lot. Somehow, a cute little segment at the end of the clip where Jimmy says "Happy Mother's Day!" got lost. At any rate, happy belated Mother's Day to Nana and Grammy Lo from all of us. We love and miss you both!


lyd said...

oh my goodness! time is flying! i can't believe audrey is rolling already- you guys live too far away! and cute little jimmy - i love the gentle way he plays with her. more videos!

chckkysmile said...

I love the "well this is going to be a boring movie if there isn't..." and Audrey gets the cue and immediately rolls over. Love it, love them, love you!

No Cool Story said...