Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bring the pain

For a while now I've been considering practicing yoga, but I've been so sick this winter that it's taken me a while to feel up to it. Jim got me a yoga mat for Christmas and I queued up a couple beginner yoga DVDs from Netflix.

Today was the day. I rolled out of bed before dawn to breathe deeply to the soothing moves of "Yoga for Dummies."

That was 18 hours ago. I just took three ibuprofen because I'm already starting to feel the burn, and I'm afraid to even go to sleep because of what I will feel like when I try and drag my sorry self out of bed in the morning.

Who's a dummy now?


John and Chantalle said...

That is funny, I started to do some Yoga three days ago. Each morning has been worse then the next but I keep going back for more. Hopefully it will stop hurting in a couple days and just feel good.
P.S You are better than me, I cant get out of bed until 8:00 luckily Riska sleeps until 8:30.

aubrey said...

haha! least you did it. right? right?

chicklegirl said...

I had to take this morning off because I just hurt too much until after I took more ibuprofen. But I'm going back for more tomorrow--no program with "for dummies" in the title is going to get the better of me!