Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is me cussing out my *@#$! oven

I haven't baked bread for about two months now, primarily because of being sick almost continuously since the middle of November through the beginning of this month. Combine that with the holidays, transitioning back into our homeschool schedule, and just trying to stay caught up with the usual demands of life... yeah, no time for baking. So I've been subsisting on scrambled eggs and storebought whole grain English muffins for my breakfasts.

This morning I got up early, worked out, and then fired up our stand mixer with the dough-hook attachment to make a batch of whole wheat bread. The house started to fill with that lovely, yeasty smell of rising dough. After it had risen for about 45 minutes, I rolled out the dough, shaped it into three loaves, set them on top of the stove to rise a second time, and turned on the oven to preheat while I took a quick shower.

When I came back downstairs, the loaves were nice and lofty, ready to bake. I opened the oven, waited for that soft blast of hot air on my face and... nothing. So I ran through the drill (because this happened before, less than a year ago), checking to see if the stovetop worked, whether the oven element was loose, and yes, whether my oven was actually plugged in. Then I had to wrap up my loaves and stick them in the fridge to slow down the rising. Hopefully I can find a surrogate oven to bake my loaves in this afternoon (no, no puns or euphemisms intended there!)

The fun part will be trying to figure out if I want to go to the trouble of replacing the oven element for the second time in a year, or if I'm ready to scrap the whole thing and find a new one. FreeCycle, maybe...?

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