Thursday, April 09, 2009

NaPoWriMo #9: paradise

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today at Read Write Poem was "paradise". Which stymied me until a friend serendipitously sent me a completely non-related email that had a picture of a signpost showing PARADISE 12 KM. Somehow that visual got my creative juices percolating, so thank you, Gretchen!

12 KM to Paradise

I used to say
tell me the latitude and longitude
for the exact spot where
the rainbow ends
traffic lights are always green
parking meters and payphones never run out
people work to live
and not the other way around
all lost socks are found
buses, trains and planes leave five minutes late
but still arrive on time
toilet paper rolls last forever
everyone says please, thank you
you’re welcome, I love you
I’m sorry, I forgive you
no one is allergic to cats
cherry blossoms bloom year-round
a lion lies down with a lamb
cereal boxes have a toy surprise inside
for every child who pours a bowl
and every child has a bowl of food to eat

now I don’t ask
because I know
there is no where
but here
and now
and me
reaching out
to do
and love
and be.

1 comment:

January said...

I love this. What a beautiful poem.

My favorite line: "all lost socks are found"

You've inspired me to write a poem about paradise. I'll have to look at teh RWP prompt.

Very nice.