Friday, December 05, 2008

Yet another reason...

...I love living here in Smalltown, WA: today we were driving up the street to my mother-in-law's house and passed Santa behind the wheel of a bright red Mazda Miata all decked out with garlands, a wreath, and even lights in the wheel wells. He had the top down, of course, while driving about 15 mph in the parking lane with his hazard lights blinking and waving to everyone who passed him—including my two extremely delighted children. Audrey even waved back (one of her first waves ever)!

This is the same Santa we ran into two years ago in front of the local Bimart. He handed a saucer-eyed Jimmy his very own shiny, wrapped gift about the size of a shoe-box and then was off in his Miata to spread more holiday cheer. Being new transplants from the big scary city, Jim and I confiscated the present, handling it gingerly and when we got inside Bimart, we asked one of the cashiers if she knew anything about this suspicious Santa character giving away gifts out front.

She told us about a wonderful man named Bill Amo. Thanks, Bill, for helping my kids to believe in Santa just a little bit longer.

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aubrey said...

oh my goodness, that is just plain cool. our mailman {i wonder if you had the same one as us when you were living here} has a white beard and white hair and always wears a santa hat during the holidays. the kids LOVE him and always go out to say hi to him.