Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yay... and yay

After last weekend I finally kicked the nasty bug that had been hanging on since before Thanksgiving. Woohoo!

Since then I've been baking, baking, baking. First it was Nanaimo bars, which are destined for parts distant in Canada and Germany, because they keep well for a long time.

Then last night it was sugar cookies shaped like Christmas trees and stars for my Activity Day girls from church to decorate at our activity this afternoon. Each girl got a plate of cookies to take home to her family, and the rest we are sending (along with handmade Christmas cards) to a young lady who just left for a mission. She'll get to South Carolina early next week, and I thought it would be nice to have a box of goodies waiting for her when she arrived.

Tomorrow I'm baking a batch of sugar-free pumpkin bread for a friend with diabetes... and some for me, too, because through all of this baking I've not eaten any of the goodies.

I know I haven't said much about it, but Overeaters Anonymous has been a great blessing to me in the last three months. I've only just begun my journey of recovery, but already I can see a huge shift in my attitude about myself, my life, God, everything. The transformation of my outer self is becoming very evident as my clothes get looser, but it's nothing compared to the spiritual transformation of letting go of pain, resentment and addiction—and replacing them with serenity, love, and sanity.

It's a tremendous gift (and a timely one) to have peace. Peace on earth, good will to all men. Peace, one day at a time.


aubrey said...

yay for getting over your sickness! and yay for feeling better about yourself, spiritually and physically. merry, merry Christmas!! you are such a wonderful and giving woman!

No Cool Story said...

And what sweet deal to make so many goodies for others :)