Thursday, December 11, 2008

So sick

Not that I've been the most consistent blogger for, say, ever since I've been blogging, but if it seems like I've fallen off the planet (again) and am failing to return phone calls and emails, this time it's because I've had a nasty sore-throat-upper-respiratory-sinus-cold-flu-thing off and on for the last three weeks. Every time I think I'm getting better, it drags on and then takes a turn for the worse. Jim and the kids have all had variations on the same creeping crud, but now it's just me and Audrey hacking and sniffling and oozing and aching.

I'm sick enough that I've only been to church once in the last three Sundays. Sick enough that I've run us out of NyQuil (and our DayQuil will be gone tomorrow). Sick enough that last night Jim got drive-thru dinner and even made a special trip to Taco Del Mar for my fish tacos and sinus-clearing pico de gallo. Sick enough that today (after being up with Audrey seven times last night) I slept in until 9 a.m. and let Jimmy play Wii all day long (okay, I did have him get dressed, make his bed, and stop to eat meals), so you know it must be bad.


Julie C said...

Hope you start feeling better soon! Sending good wishes your way. Of course when you get better you'll have maybe a week to get all ready for Christmas - no pressure. :)

aubrey said...

oh i'm sorry! i hope you get better in time for Christmas. ((hugs))

John and Chantalle said...

I so know how you feel we have been dealing with the same crud at our house. It really has a long life span and it seems to mutate. We thought Mariska was getting better and then a new symptom would show up. Hope you feel better please let me know if there anything we can do for you.