Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Not to be confused with Mod Podge, because hodgepodge refers to a motley assortment of ideas or things, whereas Mod Podge is an abbreviation for the "Modern Decoupage" craft glue invented by Jan Whetstone in the 1960s.

I've been looking back at my blog and realizing it looks rather like I fell off the planet (other than writing a dumb post about J.Lo), and honestly I've felt that way lately. The last month has been a blur: sewing a baby quilt, taking dinner in to a friend who's a new mom, sewing a blouse, going to my 20 year reunion, teaching five pre-teen girls to make freezer jam, getting really sick during the same week Audrey cut four molars, writing an amazing poem, sewing a green and white polka-dot baby dress to enter in the the county fair, taking a mini-family-vacay to the Pacific Science Center, riding the ferris wheel at the fair, Audrey's first birthday, cleaning house to get ready for out-of-town company and a birthday party, baking two batches of cupcakes (because the first ones all collapsed flat right out of the oven) and finally, yesterday, Jimmy's first day of kindergarten.

Did I mention we're homeschooling? And Jimmy has his first soccer practice in less than an hour? And Audrey has not had (and probably at this point will not have) an afternoon nap? And even though according to the calendar we still have 18 days of summer, it's already fall here in Ellensburg but that's okay because fall is my favorite season? And yesterday I found out Jimmy has been peeing in the bathtub because he's afraid of the noise the toilet makes when it flushes? And I'm having a really excellent hair day?

It's all good. It's a hodge-podge and it's mine and I love life.


aubrey said...

hey girl. i forgot that you were homeschooling! how is it going? i am homeschooling ava too but we haven't started much yet. what curriculum are you using? it sounds like you've had a busy month! happy birthday to audrey!!

Hilary said...

Not to make light of your busy crazy life these days, but I really enjoyed reading this post. It's so nice to know that other people have normal lives too! :) (And thanks for making me grateful that my kids don't pee in the bathtub!)

Margaret said...

You are Amazing! Sounds like you keep yourself on top of things and still make time for yourself and others.

By the way,I really liked your Jlo post.It was different than your other posts but it's good to see a different side of you. I thought it was a good confession. Now, I feel foolish for commenting on it.haha