Saturday, September 13, 2008

Game day

We decided to sign Jimmy up for soccer this fall. Back in March, during the sign up period, he was adamantly opposed to playing, but we took a chance and signed up anyway. Over the last few months we've been talking it up and gradually he has warmed to the idea. It helped that his cousins Maddy and Olivia also play and that they got him a new ball for his birthday.

A week ago Wednesday was his first practice, and then the first games were held jamboree-style last Saturday. The top two photos are from pre-game warm up that day, and the bottom photo and video are from today's games.

Both last week and this week, his favorite refrain in the middle of practice has been, "Mom, I'm too warm. I'm tired. I need a drink. I need to rest." But after a little pep-talk from his dad and lots of encouragement during the game, he's started to hustle after the ball and suck it up when he gets "tired". Check out his excellent save at the end of the video clip!


helgaruth said...

Elijah and I watched this video together and the whole time Elijah was shouting, "go Jimmy, go!" It was so sweet! It looks like he's going to really enjoy it. He sure jumped right into the middle of it. Very fun!

Hilary said...

I want to know what kind of video camera you have and how you make it have "smooth" transitions between takes?? We need a new one, so I'm seriously interested.

Meanwhile, I'm glad Jimmy's enjoying soccer. It was fun to watch him playing, so thanks for sharing.

aubrey said...

yay jimmy!! i wish max were old enough to put in soccer, he is already a champion kicker!

Mordant Fare said...


It's a JVC Enverio GZ-MG155U; not the newest model on the block, but it works great just the same. I picked it up off eBay about 6 months ago. Nice little camera; uses a hard drive to record video instead of tapes or disks. A lot of other cool features that make it a great buy.

The transitions came from the Cyberlink PowerDirector software that came bundled with the camera.