Monday, July 21, 2008

Walk don't run

This morning I did my first walking-instead-of-running workout. Maybe I shouldn't have gone to the middle school track two blocks from my house where I used to run, but I like being able to keep track of how far I've gone. It was a good workout; I walked four miles, at just under a four MPH pace. But I couldn't help feeling a little wistful, in spite of the endorphins.

It probably didn't help having to try not to envy the two college boys who lapped me repeatedly with their easy, loping sprint. I just had to keep reminding myself they would have lapped me even if I had been running.


No Cool Story said...

ITA with using the track. It's nice to know how you are doing :D
YAY!! Good job.

Some Bloke said...
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