Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tightwad tuesday: re-bag

In addition to reusing plastic shopping bags, you can also save money by washing out and reusing sturdy zip-lock bags. Be sure to wash them thoroughly with hot, soapy water and do not reuse bags that contained meat. These bags are especially useful for moms who need to change diapers away from home. Keep a stash of them in your diaper bag or purse to dispose of smelly diapers or store soiled clothes.


No Cool Story said...

I usually forget to use my re-washed bags.

aubrey said...

i love this idea and only occasionally do it. my current summertime use for my gallon ziplocs is to stash my cell phone, camera and book in when we go to the beach so they don't get sandy. and since we go EVERY night, i try to reuse the same one.