Sunday, July 13, 2008

Raspberry pie

On Wednesday I got a call from a friend who has a U-pick berry patch, asking if I was interested in fresh raspberries for $4 a quart. It sounded like a fun adventure for Jimmy, so on Friday afternoon, I packed up the kids and drove down to Mary's place, just inside the Yakima River Canyon. I was surprised at the longevity of Jimmy's enthusiasm, especially considering how hot it was. He ate a lot of what he picked, but quite a few berries made it into his bucket and between the two of us we had about a quart and a third before he said, "Mom, I think I'm done now."

Yesterday morning when I got home from my bike ride, I rifled through my collection of tried and true recipes and found my favorite one for raspberry pie. Jimmy had picked a few berries that were just this side of ripe, and it gave the pie a nice, tangy flavor. Oh, and the recipe calls for pastry for a double crust pie. I always use Martha Stewart's pate brisee recipe, because regardless of her questionable ethics when it comes to the stock market, the woman knows pie crust.


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Add picking berries and making homemade pies to my list of things I miss out on by living in Hawaii. ;-)

No Cool Story said...

Oh see, now you go and make me all hungry.

Crafty Green Poet said...

looks like a wonderful pie... I enjoyed your poem about it on your other blog too

Holly said...

Oh Katie,

I REALLY miss fresh pie... blackberry pie still wins hands down as the best breakfast food ever, but raspberry comes a close second. Please, motivate me!! Yours looks scrumptious.

Had to laugh at the MS crust -- it looks identical to the Betty Crocker Basic Pie Dough my family has been using for over 40 years ... :)