Monday, June 02, 2008

Mix and match

The prompt this week at Read Write Poem is to mix and match poetic forms. Ren suggested a great site with a massive list of different forms of poetry. This is a tritina, but written as a series of haiku.

Beneath the Hawthorn

Canopy above
of hawthorn boughs pink laden
on green lawn I lie

it would seem a lie
to say I could rise above
so heavy laden

crushed grass is laden
beside me love's burden lies
azure torn above

a filigree of branch on sky above where I lightly laden lie.


Jennifer said...

I love this, especially the last line. I'm not familiar with this form but it has such great possibilities. Thanks for posting this.

mariacristina said...

Love it! A pretty poem, with a wonderful mixture. The summer or spring setting calls to me. nice to hear you read as well. It definitely adds to the experience.

Nathan1313 said...

Thanks for introducing me to the tritina -- it looks like fun. Your poem is evocative of the scene, branches and sunlight. Quite lovely.

Crafty Green Poet said...

thait is lovely, very grounded in the specifics of place. i love the line 'azure torn above'

lyd said...

i really liked the poem and i really really really liked listening to you read it. never sounds as good in my head. THANK YOU! MOREMOREMORE!