Friday, March 14, 2008

Thrall's end

I won’t tell you what, when
or even how often
doesn’t matter
you’d recognize all
those same signs of thrall
marking your own dependence
you’d recognize how
what once was so comforting, so freeing now
leaves me cold, heavy and bound
but I can tell you:
I woke up this morning knowing
my last day in chains
ends at

The prompts this week at Writer's Island were "spellbound" and "awakening".


Rambler said...

last day in chains ends at sunset..kind of felt last day in chains of life ends at the sunset of ones lifetime

keith hillman said...

I trust you are not thinking of leaving us this evening! Nice piece though

Richard said...

Really interesting post, sent me right to Wiki to find out what "thrall" actually is. thrall

gautami tripathy said...

Thrall's end...what an appropriate piece with a great title. So comforting, so freeing now...

paisley said...

thank you richard for the link to thralls meaning as i was unclear as well... it makes a lot more sense in light of the fact that thrall means essentially slavery,, and the leaving behind of ones chains means one thing...freedom!!!!!

Jeques said...


We have the power to choose to emancipate ourselves from whatever that enslave us like the declaration in this piece.

Like the birds our spirits are meant to be free, to fly, to soar.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

tumblewords said...

I always enjoy your posts and it's been wonderful to hear you read them. Well written poem and yes, I guess we all know/knew similar chains during life. Nice post!

Celular said...
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chicklegirl said...

Rambler--I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right.

Keith--No, no; I'm not going anywhere!

Richard--Thanks. Yeah, I started out with "spellbound" which made me think of "enthralled" and then moved toward "thrall". Thanks for the link, as I actually had no idea about the history behind the word.

Gautami--thanks; I was quite happy with the title, too.

Paisley--yes, freedom. This poem is really about becoming free from addiction, but I wanted to avoid that word and say it in a different way.

Jeques--Exactly! You totally got what I was trying to say.

Tumblewords--Thanks. I was trying to find a way to articulate the optimism of putting those chains behind me as what I hope is a self-fulfilling prophecy, or an affirmation, if you will.

Thinking aloud said...

thank you richard for that link...i had no idea...

breaking chains is left to us, we hold that power in our hands...

anthonynorth said...

We always have the choice, even when life, society, tries to stop us.
It depends whether we are optimistic or pessimistic in outlook, I think.

jadey said...

very well done and interesting post.

rebecca said...

very powerful...i especially liked, "i woke up this morning knowing my last day in chains ends at sunset." definitely no more room for discussion here; fini, caputo, goodbye! excellent!

chicklegirl said...

Thinking Aloud--that's right, we're the only ones who can ultimately change ourselves--we've got to want it for it to happen.

Anthony--I totally agree; attitude is a deciding factor.

Jadey--thank you.

Rebecca--For me making the decision is what motivates me to action; if I haven't decided, then I can vacillate and wimp out.