Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back in the swim

I started my "all three sports" training at the beginning of this month and all I can say is I'm sore. I've had arthritis in my hands for about six years now, and when I'm not pregnant or nursing, I can manage it nicely by taking glucosamin and chondroitin. Unfortunately, I started to feel the beginnings of arthritis in my knees and hips last month. I'm sure as I lose more weight the discomfort will diminish due to the reduced stress on my joints, and in the meantime I'm taking ibuprofen before and after my workouts.

Even more than before, I'm enjoying my swim days (Tuesday and Thursday) because I'm re-discovering the Zen of my early morning alone time in the pool and the low-impact exercise leaves me feeling invigorated but not aching. This morning I swam laps for 45 minutes, and I've been feeling great ever since. Gotta love endorphins.

P.S. Oh, and I've graduated from the slow lane; I've moved over to medium.

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aubrey said...

so when is the triathalon scheduled for? the idea of your zen time in the pool sounds nice. i've never been a big swimmer but always admired the ease and grace the lap swimmers have.