Friday, June 08, 2012

Summer time (and the livin' is easy)

It's finally summer break. And a good thing, too, because Joseph is teething and I've had a hard time getting up early to get school going. Over the past two weeks, he's been cutting four new top front teeth. When I ran my finger along his gums to massage them, I found a lump on the bottom, so it appears there's a fifth tooth on its way in another month (give or take).

What this means is those easy nights of one or two feedings that I'd finally gotten used to are over (the only constant is change, right?) Starting Monday, we had three straight nights of misery. Joe would wake me up between 3-5 times a night crying inconsolably (Baby Orajel has its limits, and I'm not into using homeopathic teething tablets since they apparently contain belladonna--who knew?) So I cuddled Joe up in bed between me and Jim, and every time he'd cry, I'd just roll over groggily and nurse him till he fell asleep. Not ideal, but better than the alternative.

Now that those four teeth have all cut through, the fussiness is starting to subside. Joe only woke up once last night, so everyone is feeling a lot more chipper this morning. Now I can actually get something done with my mornings!


What a Dish! said...

Matthew ends up in our bed a lot, but I've always been like that, lol! We've been using NatraBio Teething Relief drops; we get it from But you can prob. get it from Fred Meyer or something. It doesn't appear to have anything scary.

chicklegirl said...

Thanks for the tip, Michelle. I'll have to check for those drops when I'm at Freddy's getting some teething biscuits!