Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Go ahead and laugh; I would. Oatmeal is not one of those things you'd expect to inspire rave reviews, much less instant oatmeal. A couple weeks ago I bought a box of Oat Fit to put in my 72-hour kit. I had a few packets left over, so they've been sitting in my pantry.

Usually my standard breakfast is a slice of my homemade bread with some organic peanut butter and a glass of low-fat milk. Quick, but plenty of energy. I've been too busy to bake lately so I've been eating cereal for breakfast for a while. Yesterday morning I finished off the last of my only box of Grape Nuts. So when I got home from a walk in the rain this morning, and glanced around for something to warm me up, the oatmeal caught my eye.

While it was still cooking in the microwave, my mouth started to water because it smelled so good. What's truly amazing, is it tastes even better than it smells.

Did I mention it's sugar free? And no, I'm not getting paid for this post. It really tastes that good.


aubrey said...

haha. i did laugh..but only because you were so hesitant about admitting you liked oatmeal.

we eat oatmeal every single morning for breakfast..along with toast and fried eggs, fruit and yogurt. breakfast is a big meal here! but oatmeal is the one thing we have no matter what! we love it!

Super Happy Girl said...

And only 2 g of fat!!
I love love love oatmeal.

LOVE it.