Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flying solo, day #15

Jim's flight is in the air somewhere near the Georgia-Tennessee border. Only a few hours to go...

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Sieler-Lindsay Family said...

My dear Katie --
I have abandoned you the last few days. My thoughts and prayers and love are with you though. Maddie had her first surgery last Wed. She is doing well but we are totally housebound. I want to come visit Monday (tomorrow)
Krista is here to watch Maddie. Heidi arrived from VA and is heartbroken for you. I will call you tomorrow am -- Hope Jim had a great father's day with Jimmy and Audrey. I sure miss them (and you) in Primary. Nursery is not the same without Audrey. If you feel up to it -- please bring the kids over to see the puppies if you want. Love you.