Saturday, May 01, 2010

NaPoWriMo #28: creation

Next, we read a paragraph from the beginning of the Cahuilla creation epic, and were asked to write our own "in the beginning" story, whether it was the beginning of our awareness, our lives, whatever.

The Naming of Need

In the beginning, there was hunger, thirst, and the need to be filled. Food was brought, eaten, and the hunger was not sated. Drink was brought, swallowed, but the thirst was not slaked. And the hunger, the thirst, grew. Tears and sweat, more food and drink were brought, and the need was still not satisfied. The cycle was repeated: more sweat, tears, food, drink. More and more, and still the need was not satisfied. Then, in the darkness, the woman woke. She made fire, lit a candle, looked into the face of need for the first time. In the flickering light she saw her own face looking back at her, and named her need. The food, drink, sweat, and tears were enough, and the need was satisfied.

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