Monday, October 01, 2007

Who's your daddy?

My dad was in town today. I haven't seen him since last summer, when he and Lo (my step-mom) were here for an almost-as-brief visit that ended abruptly when Lo had a late-night trip to our small-town ER because she woke up vomiting blood. She was flown to Seattle for special care the next day, and ultimately made a good recovery, but we didn't have much of a visit with anyone except Guido (their cat). Guido stayed with us for several weeks while my dad was in Seattle with Lo sorting out her medical issues.

Unfortunately Grammy Lo wasn't able to make it up for this visit, but Grampy Trout got some good quality time with his newly minted granddaughter. He treated us to lunch and afterward we hung around and he told me stories about my grandfather.

Here is a gem among photo ops: a rare shot of Jimmy almost smiling, as he is lately camera shy. Not that he has any qualms about taking pictures; he's actually quite good at it (he took the one of me and my dad).

Thanks again for the visit, Dad. I know you spent more time in the car just getting here (not to mention the return trip!) than we actually had for our visit, and I really appreciated it. I miss you already.

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aubrey said...

i can't believe jimmy took that pic of you and your dad. pretty good! that is scary about your stepmom, but cool that you got to spend time with your dad this time around. that picture of him with audrey is adorable!