Thursday, October 11, 2007

A sight misunderstanding

Jimmy and I were cleaning up the kitchen yesterday. On top of the microwave we found a necklace he made recently in his Sunbeam class at church. Attached to a string were small circular pictures on the theme of making good choices. I asked him if he wanted to keep or toss it.

"Keep," he said. After a few moments of careful consideration, he solemnly shared with me what he considered the most important wisdom from that particular lesson:

"Honesty means that you don't talk about eyes."


lemon square said...

ah yes, took me a minute- very funny

chicklegirl said...

Yeah, I know; I guess I have a rather obtuse sense of humor.

It actually took me a minute to figure out what Jimmy was saying, to realize that his teacher must have said "We don't TELL LIES"--and that in his little brain the L's ran together: "We don't tell eyes" and thus morphed into "We don't talk about eyes."

Kind of reminds you of that party game, where one person starts a "rumor" and it turns out drastically different at the other end of the line...