Wednesday, April 03, 2013

NaPoWriMo #2: acrostic

I went a bit nuts here, but it was hard to limit myself to just one word per letter on the subject in question.


Chaos, cheesy, curious, cherish, clever, change, cheeky, crayons, cry, cuddles, crawl, choosy, concrete, careful, crafty, calm, courteous, chickenpox, compassion, creativity, cunning, conflict, chatty, complex, camping, cheerful, comics, conscious, cats, cooperate

Happy, honest, helpful, hugs, humbling, heart, hilarious, handprints, home, haircuts, high-spirited, harmony, hunger, handkerchiefs, hardy, hurry, haven, headache, hotdogs, heaven, honey, hijinks, holidays, hygiene, hiccups, hand-me-downs, heritage, hope

Innocence, intuitive, inquisitive, important, imaginative, infuriating, intelligence, ice cubes, itchy, intensity, inadequate, informant, impressionable, innovate, intrepid, impish, independent, impulsive, indebted, ingenious, imperfect, inspiration, insects, intangible

Labor, laughter, loud, learn, legs, lullaby, laundry, lively, lesson, likable, lucky, lava, limber, lavish, linear, loyal, lilting, loquacious, listen, library, life, limits, literal, longing, loving, lucid, lyrical, lunacy, lemonade, loopy, loss, leap (before you) look, longsuffering

Determined, deep, diapers, dirt, dedication, delicate, daredevil, discipline, dear, delicious, dreams, drawing, dandelions, dinner, devotion, driven, discovery, dinosaurs, development, diligence, drama, delight, discern, demanding, defend, deprived (of sleep)

Rowdy, running, reading, restless, real, reasons, receptive, relax, routine, rollicking, respectful, responsive, rude, rapid, ready, road-trip, rewarding, renewal, rocks, reliant, ride, resourceful, rigorous, ridiculous, rip, roller-skating, ripe, rebellious, romp, replete

Expecting, eager, effervescent, enervation, excitement, endurance, enthusiasm, engaged, elbows, extreme, entertaining, emergency, education, expressive, eloquent, embarrassment, exhausting, empathy, exacting, energy, excel, exploration, evolve, eternal

New, nurture, needs, nose-kisses, now, nursing, nonsense, nest, no, nape, nuggets, noble, nap, naïve, naughty, nightmares, nutty, normal, natter, notebooks, nimble, naked, noisy, neurotic,  nightlight, nose-picking, nebulous, necessity (is the mother of invention)

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