Friday, July 13, 2012


Since the last post, my attention has been consumed by two things: the garden and the reunion. By the end of June I was able to get all my seeds and starts in the ground and begin the blessedly easy cycle of maintenance: water, weed, repeat. Made even simpler by the fact that my father-in-law takes care of the watering for us, since our garden is in his back yard.

With the garden under control, I was able to turn my efforts to getting ready for the Cottrell-Lindstrom reunion in Grayland. The biggest challenge was packing for me and the kids, because one never quite knows what to expect from the weather in Grayland. So I packed too many clothes and was grateful we mostly used the half of them that included shorts and t-shirts.

We've been home since Sunday night. The better part of this week has been unpacking and shaking the sand out of everything; then sorting, washing, folding and putting it all away.

All that work? So worth it!

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