Monday, March 22, 2010


On Saturday a good friend of ours threw an 80th birthday bash for her dad at the Museum of Flight, and the invite included free admission to the museum for the day. So we headed out of town bright and early, drove over the pass, did a bit of shopping, had lunch at Duke's on Alki (mmm, mahi tacos!), and then headed to the museum. We did and saw lots of cool stuff, including walking through a retired Air Force One jet, checking out a model of a PBY (my grandpa flew one with the Black Cat Squadron in WWII), learning about the life and career of Amelia Earhart, and Jimmy's favorite, taking a spin in the X-Pilot flight simulator.

The party was finishing up so late, we stayed at a hotel for the night before heading home on Sunday. That morning before we checked out, Jimmy yanked out his third tooth. It's been dangerously loose for several days now, and I think the threat of losing it while eating breakfast gave him the courage to tug it out (he lost his first tooth last fall in a bite of banana and promptly swallowed it).

This morning he came bounding into our bedroom to show off the crisp dollar bill the Tooth Fairly left him. Funny, I remember back in the day feeling like the dime she left me was a veritable fortune, because I could take it to the dairy around the corner and buy a cherry Popsicle all by myself.

Good times.


Kristin said...

The museum of flight is so cool! What a great idea for a party place. What do you do with the teeth, I've been wondering that in preparation for some losses around here?

chicklegirl said...

When Jimmy lost his second tooth (since the first one got swallowed), I found a cute letter at, which I copied, customized and made up with my own tooth fairy clip art. He got that along with a Sacajawea gold dollar, and we tucked his tooth away in his keepsake box.

He thought it so cool that the Tooth Fairy had written him a letter, that with this last tooth, he actually wrote a letter back to her, which he left with the tooth (both of which got tucked away in the box).

This morning he was a little disappointed that she didn't leave another letter for him, but I explained that the Tooth Fairy is pretty busy and can only leave a letter with the first tooth, otherwise she'd have to spend so much time writing letters that she wouldn't have time to leave him any money.

Dyann said...

I love the letter idea.

We have a slightly confused tooth fairy. She leaves a quarter, but also leaves a coin from somewhere else. I'd hoped that they would get excited about learning where the different coins are from, but mostly they think it's cool that one of them has a square hole in it. Ah well.

Kristin, I keep the first & toss the rest. Aubrey posted an...interesting picture showing one idea though.