Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good news

First, let me just wish my small but faithful band of readers a very Happy New Year full of peace, good health and plenty.

I'm so glad to be ending the year on a high note. One of the things I haven't mentioned before that made this a rough winter was finding out back in mid-November (in fact, the same week I found out I was pregnant) that my dad has kidney cancer. Fortunately, they caught it very early.

This morning my dad had surgery to remove the tumor and the operation was successful. He's still waiting on biopsy results; hopefully the doctors were able to remove all the malignant tissue.

Oh, and more happy news to ring in 2010: on January 15, Every Day Poets will be publishing a new improved version of my poem "Waiting for Charon." Circle the date!

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John and Chantalle said...

Congratulations that's awesome. Cant wait to read it.