Monday, November 02, 2009

Bless you

Since early last week, I've been fighting the onset of a nasty head cold, mostly through a combination of sheer will and insane amounts of Vitamin C. I managed to stave it off long enough to finish sewing the kids' Halloween costumes and then dress up with them for the annual trunk-or-treat on Friday night (thank you, Dayquil).

Saturday and Sunday, the cold fought back with a vengeance and knocked me flat on my back. My poor sinuses have been rocked by the kind of violent sneezes that are seismic events unto themselves.

It doesn't seem to matter where I am in the house when I sneeze. If I wait quietly, just a moment later I will hear Audrey's voice, soft but clear: "Bless you!"


John and Chantalle said...

Thats really cute. Hope you get feeling better.

aubrey said...

that is so cute..i love hearing 'bless you's from my kids. feel sucks being sick! xoxo