Friday, September 07, 2007

Poetry friday?

It's been a while since I posted any poetry because I've been too busy to really take the time for my poetry to process properly. But if I don't stop now and then... I'll wind up back where I was six months ago with no creative outlet and my juices fermenting in vain. And now that I'm writing again, I find that while I was MIA, my favorite poetry site is phasing out. I did get an email from Rob, one of my friends from Poetry Thursday about a new site, Writer's Island. Thank you, Rob!

Already the days are melting together, and while I know that my Vicodin-enhanced euphoria is partly to blame, it hardly seems possible that Audrey has been with us for a week now.

Looking back at my posts I realize that I haven't said much about her; just a passing mention of her weight and length. Maybe that's because I don't trust myself not to gush. I didn't think it was possible to talk about how much I love being a mother without straying into the realm of schmaltz. But I think motherhood has once again been fertile ground for poetic inspiration, and hopefully this won't be too sappy.

The New Math

You took my heart
the day we met
but you give as
good as you get
and so my love
always returned
equal measure,
interest earned.

Take my heart
divide by two
a piece for him
a piece for you
my love is halved
yet somehow there
is still enough
and more to spare

And now my heart
is split in three
the day she joins
our family
yet somehow more
my love is greater
than before.

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